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Logo Design vs. Branding – Why it’s essential to know the difference

by | Jan 10, 2023

When you’re in the market for the best branding company for your business, you want to walk into that first meeting knowing what you’re looking for and leaving with the confidence that they understand your branding needs. 

I don’t want to be the burster of branding bubbles, but not everyone knows the difference between logo design and branding design. *GASP!* 

That includes some of the agencies that offer brand design but only produce a logo that simply stands there naked and alone, waiting for a brand strategy to dress it up and give it meaning.

If you want your brand designer to nail the brief and build a brand gleaming with personality and flare, the distinction between brand design and logo design absolutely matters. 

Here’s the difference, and how they work together. 

What is a brand?

Think of your brand as the embodiment of every interaction – direct or indirect – you have with your audience. It’s the feelings, emotions, and impressions people have about your business and the overarching brand personality that you want to win their hearts with. Within your brand sits your logo design, brand identity, colour scheme, tone, communications, marketing, and above all else – your reputation. 

What is logo design? 

A logo design is simply a graphic that acts as an identifier for your brand using its visual cues. 75% of consumers recognise a brand by its logo, and 60% of consumers will actively avoid a brand with a boring, strange, or hideous logo

Here’s a little experiment to demonstrate how logos work as brand identifiers. I’ll rattle off three companies and I’ll bet your bottom dollar you’ll be able to remember their logo design instantly.
Ready? *Drum roll* Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola. All shining examples of recognisable logos attached to a brand. 

How your brand and logo design work together 

Your logo design and branding should be two peas in a pod, working together to build brand awareness, reach, and reputation. They’re best friends for life (with the little matching necklaces and everything!) 

Without a brand strategy, your logo design is just a lonely and purposeless graphic longing for good branding to give it meaning. 

Here’s what happens to your logo design when you couple it with a robust branding strategy: 

  • It becomes instantly recognisable to your customers 
  • It evokes the feelings and attitudes towards your business that your branding has built
  • It stimulates memories of a customer’s interactions with your brand 
  • It features your brand’s colours, fonts, and visuals to keep consistent with your brand identity 
  • It builds customer loyalty and trust in a brand

Now we get to the juicy part! *Rubs hands together*

Here’s what Bird of Passage Design does as your brand designer

I take a killer combination of marketing and graphic design and put it to work on your branding to shape the way customers interact with your business. 

Here’s the full list of what you’ll receive as part of your brand design package

  • Detailed research into market and business trends 
  • Target audience research
  • Competition analysis 
  • A stunning logo design that will etch itself into your customer’s memory
  • A complete branding colour palette 
  • A collection of brand fonts 
  • A brand strategy that lays out your messaging, tone, and brand identity 
  • A brand style guide that neatly compiles all of the above into one handy document as your go-to for all things branding 

Bird of Passage Design elevates your business’s personality and how you connect with customers with a brand strategy that makes waves. 

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