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Domain name vs. web hosting: a beginner’s guide

by | Dec 12, 2022

It happens a lot. 

The glazed-over stare. The sound of crickets on the other end of the phone call. The pause in a Zoom meeting that makes me tap my screen in hopes it’ll work again. 

It happens a lot when I talk about purchasing domain names and how to set up web hosting, but when it comes to website development, it’s just one of those things that has to happen. 

So, if you’re slowly sinking into your seat right now because you’re one of the bazillion people on the planet who has no idea how to get your domain name and web hosting together – relax and read on. 

You’re about to get a quick and easy tutorial. 

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your unique URL or ‘website address’ that gives users access to your website such as (check it out! There’s a bunch of cool info *wink*). When you’re choosing a domain name, you’ll want to avoid anything overly complicated, lengthy, or hard to remember such as 

Your domain extension is the ‘.com’ part of your domain name and can come in all shapes and sizes depending on your business type and location such as for Australian websites, .org for registered charities and organisations, and .edu for educational institutions. 

Hot tip – avoid .net like the plague. These domains tend to be less trusted by consumers.

How do I register a domain name?

Domain registration is the next step in your website journey and essentially allows you to lease your domain and control where it directs users to, like a stunning website built by me! *waves* 

There are domain registrars that are approved to lease domain names for a nominal fee – kind of like leasing a space on the internet.
These domain registrars typically become your domain host, where you’ll have an account to access where you want your site pointed to. 

Still with me? Great! Because the next part is equally important. 

What is web hosting?

Once you have your domain name and registration all done and dusted, now it’s time to organise your web hosting

When you’re setting up a website, all the colours, fonts, designs, features, and functions you see displayed are arranged using coding that is organised and stored in the form of files. Your web hosting is where those files are stored on a server and are able to be published on the internet. This can also include the storage and send/receive function of your emails on a mail server. 

Web host providers typically offer a suite of packages to suit any sized business but choose wisely! Bad host providers can turn customers off your website quicker than you can blink. 

Here’s the inside scoop on what you should look for in a web host provider


Uptime is the amount of time your website is up and accessible to consumers. If your web host’s average uptime is less than 99%, ditch them. Google also finds sites with poor uptime extremely unattractive. 

Customer service

Website errors don’t care that it’s 3 am. They do what they like when they like. Find a web host that offers 24/7 exceptional customer service so you can at least relax while you’re bleary-eyed and waiting. 

Load speed

Tick tock. This a big one. With every second of time, your website takes to load, your conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42%. That’s 4.42% you’re losing potential customers every SECOND. 

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